Securing the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate
for all present and future generations

Public Education & Film

OUR CHILDREN’S TRUST leads a focused public education campaign, advocating the same principles advanced in our legal campaigns: restoration of the atmosphere and implementation of science-based climate recovery plans. We co-produced and distribute a compelling ten-part short documentary film series, Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery, which amplifies the youth voice on climate change and educates viewers about the need for urgent action. These films have won multiple international awards, and have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world. Together, our youth advocacy and media have resulted in invitations for youth to meet with President Obama, state and federal legislators, and to participate in the Rio+20 climate talk events.

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery is a series of award-winning short films featuring young people who bravely share their stories of harm, activism, and hope around the climate crisis. These youth have taken legal actions to hold their governments accountable for protecting the Public Trust resources that are essential for their well being and survival. What they want is simple: real Climate Recovery Plans, guided by our nation's best science, not dictated by politics and fossil fuel lobbyists. They come from California, Montana, Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Massachusetts, but their stories cross state lines and tell a common American story.

These short films examine the geographic, economic, and social impacts of climate change on our nation's youth and their communities. The youth have powerful stories to share, and they are busy working to protect their future and the future of those to come. The 10th film in the series, A Climate of TRUST, featuring internationally renowned scientist, Dr. James Hansen, and bold environmental legal scholar, Professor Mary Wood, explains the legal strategy behind the youths' cases and the scientific need for immediate judicial action.

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Please contact us for further information as to how you can spark discussion and raise awareness about the law, climate change issues, and about how our actions will affect all future generations.