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Backcountry Film Festival: Neptune Mountaineering - TRUST Colorado


When: Thu, December 13, 8pm – 9pm

Where: Neptune Mountaineering Shop, 633 South Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 80305

Description: TRUST Colorado will screen at a public event hosted by the Backcountry Film Festival and the Neptune Mountaineer Shop. Xuihtexcatl Martinez will be there to introduce the film and for answer questions afterward.

The Winter Wildlands Backcountry Film Festival is one of the highlights of our winter line-up. The festival promotes the work of grassroots filmmakers who tell compelling and entertaining stories of backcountry, non-motorized recreation and environmental preservation. This year's line-up includes "Skiing the Void," from Sweetgrass Productions, "Alaska Wilderness Ski Classic," "Stories of Trust," "Unicorn Sashimi," "Freedom Chair," "Denali Experiment," and "Further." It's not Warren Miller or TGR and we prefer it that way. The event shuns hype and corporate sponsorship in favor of the best backcountry skiing action in the most beautiful mountains in the world. If that appeals to you, come to Neptune Mountaineering and check out the show!

Thursday, December 13 at 8 pm