Securing the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate
for all present and future generations

Take Action

OUR CHILDREN’S TRUST elevates the voice of youth to establish the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate in accordance with accepted science. Through our programs, youth participate in public education, civic discourse and legal action to ensure the viability of our atmosphere. OUR CHILDREN’S TRUST supports youth throughout the United States and in several other countries in their efforts to secure legal protection for our atmosphere on behalf of all future generations.

Here are some things YOU can do. If any are of interest,

  1. Sign our pledge of support. And spread it around to your friends.
  2. Like us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter. These are REALLY important. And, get your friends to like us.
  3. Make a donation. We desperately need broad-based financial support and presently operate on a very lean budget. All modest and grand contributions are helpful. Organize an online or real-time fundraiser. For more information contact Lou.
  4. Write an op-ed, blogpost or Letter to the Editor about this game-changing, youth-led global effort. This will build community awareness in your region about the urgency of these young people’s efforts.
  5. Attend a hearing in your state. Many of the hearings have opportunities for public comments. The hearing dates are updated on this website under Important News. If you would like more information, please email us.
  6. Volunteer as the Point Person in your state. Coordinate youth presence at legal proceedings, facilitate community relations and awareness, identify partnership possibilities and more. In states where we don’t have any present legal action, reach out to youth, youth groups, and attorneys to educate them about Our Children’s Trust, and identify those who are interested in pro bono involvement in an atmospheric trust effort in your state. Have them review our website carefully. Email Meg the names, contact information and brief biographies of those you find. We will then conference with the lawyer and youth organizer you find, to help build the appropriate effort in your state. We will then report back to you. If you would like to take on this role in your state, please email Meg.
  7. Host a discussion group in your home, screening one or more of our films. For groups 8 or more adults, we may be able to participate by Skype to facilitate conversation and provide information. For groups of youth, we will provide a Screening Guide that gives you all the information you need. Please contact Meg for more information.
  8. Read FISH TANK (perfect for kids and adults), by our friend Scott Bischke, an insightful allegory about the human condition, tackling issues of politics and power, limited resources and climate change. It is now available on Amazon, and by purchasing it through the OCT website, you'll help our campaign.
  9. Email us about other ways you’d like to become involved or ways you’d like to use your special skills.